Course Summary

The planning and design of open space is one of the most important contributions landscape architects make to the urban environment. From urban parks to community gardens, open space plays a critical role in the social and ecological functioning of cities. Networks of formal and informal public spaces provide the opportunities for the face-to-face interaction that many believe is the foundation of a democratic society. Therefore, this course emphasizes the design of open spaces for public social use. Throughout the course, you will continue to refine your design skills. Although the focus will be on studio work, you will also keep a design journal in which you will test ideas, analyze the built environment, apply new knowledge and otherwise continue to develop a designer’s way of seeing the landscape.

Student Work Examples:

Spring 2017 Lowell Elementary Nature Play Concepts:

Spring 2017 Re-Envisioning Winnequah Park Conceptual Masterplans:

Spring 2017 Re-Envisioning Winnequah Park Siteplans:


  • Client

    University of Wisconsin-Madison, City of Monona, Wisconsin

  • Skills

    • Resiliency
    • Sustainability
    • Parks
    • Recreation
    • Open Space
    • Play